Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

There’s a million ways to catch a cheater (you here that guys?) but by far the easiest and most effective is to recover deleted text messages from their iPhone. You know that little device they carry around all the time? They think that once they delete that text message they’re safe. But, what they don’t know, is that you can recover their deleted texts straight back to their phone or your computer.

If you see them being careful around their phone. They might tilt the screen away when they get a text message or jump to reach it. They might even put a password lock on their phone. If they act like there’s something to hide when a message comes in – you might have a problem.

They might be well and open to showing you their phone when the messages have been deleted though so if they tend to swing one way or the other you need to see what they’re hiding on their phone.

Most people won’t know how to actually delete a text message on their phone. If they’re stupid enough to cheat them they’re probably too stupid to know what they’re doing. When they delete those messages they’re still kept on the phone you just can’t (normally) see them.

How you change this (so thatĀ you see them) is either to setup the iTunes backup for their phone on the computer, and then keep checking the backup for their messages. Or, if you can get access to their phone for a few minutes, you can scan the phone for message deleted in the last couple of weeks. This works really well with an iPhone and it’s really easy to do.

The best way is to download the download a tool like this which will basically do everything for you. Plug his phone into the PC and leave it to scan for as long as you can. If he asks why it’s installed you can say your phone broke and you’re trying to restore something on it.

retrieve deleted text messages iphoneThen, once you have the time, you can go through all of the deleted text messages that phone had. Every time to get access to it you can scan the phone again and keep track of what’s being deleted. You can even install an app on the iPhone itself which will keep warning you every time he gets a message and you can keep an eye on it.

When you delete something on an iPhone it doesn’t really stay gone. If you leave it long enough it won’t last on there forever so you want to get to the phone as quickly as possible. Be careful of what you install on the phone though, some of the apps are pretty obvious and leave themselves installed on the phone.

The easiest to use can be downloaded for freeĀ and, while they focus on iPhone, it can work on most phones. It’s the easiest way to retrieve deleted messages and if you were wrong you have peace of mind and they don’t have to know. The best part is you don’t need to be good with computers in order to use it but it’s the easiest way to know for sure.